Thursday, May 7, 2009

Second Thoughts

I had dinner tonight with my good friends. We agreed to get take out and play Mexican Bingo (Loteria). It's like our Bingo version, but instead it's pictures and Spanish Phrases that you put your marker on. My friend, Pedro, claims this will be the bench mark to see how well my Spanish comes along. I call out each card and have the worst Spanish of everyone - even Andrew & Boun who are Asian seem to have more Spanish speaking skill in them. This shoudl be a hilarious experience.

Part way through the evening, Andrew says, "Are you going to be in Antigua the entire time? Jo was just there and she thinks you are going to be so bored. It's pretty, but there are only 12 people in the town."

"Oh no," I think, "What kind of mistake have I made? Am I going to be wanting to shove a fork in my eye out of boredom?"

The good news is, I guess I can always go somewhere else if I get bored, but I wanted to stay with one teacher the entire time so I can progress at a great pace in my Spanish. Hmmmm...suddenly Ecuador is sounding like it may be calling my name. I guess I can check out the Galapagos Islands and check into getting some tiny hats in Bolivia if I get really bored.

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