Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Let the Spanish Lessons Begin

Pedro told me that he thinks I should start my Spanish lessons prior to departing New York. So he got me a ticket to the Univision media buy-in event at Gotham Hall. The star of the show....Paulina Rubio. This is so exciting. I love her!!! 

But before she comes out it's the winner of Mexican Idol. He's good, but I wouldn't have com
e out of my way to see him. Then out she comes. She's got legs a mile long, great, big, blonde hair and this beautiful smile and glint in her eye. You just want fall in love with her and that's before she opens her mouth.

If you haven't seen her, you have to check her out! She's a cross of Britney & Shakira only better:

It was so incredible because we were so close to the stage. In fact the person next to me is zooming in on her cellulite as she sits on the edge of the stage. I don't know if you can really call it
 cellulite because she is so thin and beautiful, but I guess when you scrunch your leg under you
, you can get a little bit of cottage cheese look. Oh well. Can you believe she's 38 in June of this year? She really doesn't look it at all!

All in all a big success, but I don't think that I got a huge boost in my vocabulary, but I will say that I got a lot of fun and my friend, Julio, said that having seen Paulina so close gives me street cred with the Latinos. Ha ha!

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